Who is AWIS?
American Workers Insurance Services (AWIS) is a licensed insurance agency with tens of thousands of members in over 40 states. AWIS offers limited group insurance benefits to all members of the National Association of Preferred Providers (NAPP). AWIS is also an authorized marketer of Family Care discount medical plan benefits provided by Association Health Care Management, Inc. DBA Family Care.
Who is NAPP?
The National Association of Preferred Providers (NAPP) is a Texas non-profit association founded in 1983 by group of physicians to promote the well-being of its members. NAPP represents its members in a multitude of ways to facilitate successful outcomes and lower healthcare costs. NAPP may support grassroots organizations that strive to improve the communities of its members. NAPP also provides members with health care plans and supplemental benefits that best fit their needs.
Interested in career opportunities with AWIS?
AWIS offers a unique business opportunity that is flexible and competitive. Visit the Careers at AWIS page to learn more.


Why do I need to become a NAPP Member?
NAPP uses its group buying power to negotiate favorable agreements with service and benefit providers in order to deliver significant savings to its members.
How do I enroll?
Enroll online by selecting a plan(s) then complete the web enrollment process in a few easy steps.
You may also contact AWIS Member Services to consult with an expert and complete your enrollment over the phone.
What are my billing options?
Once enrolled, automatic monthly premium deductions will begin using any credit card or bank account number you authorize.

Benefits & Services

When is the effective date for my Dental HMO or PPO benefit?
Dental HMO and PPO enrollments between the first (1st) and 15th of the month will be effective the first of the following month. Enrollments after the 15th will be effective the first of the second following month.
What if I am uncertain about pricing for my dental procedures using my dental HMO benefit?
AWIS has a former dental technician on staff that assists with reviewing and clarifying any concerns regarding your dental procedures and pricing.
When using the MDLIVE benefit, can I choose which pharmacy the doctor sends my prescription?
Yes. A physician, located within their state, will call back within 30 minutes, providing recommended treatment and prescribe medication when necessary, which can be picked up at your preferred pharmacy.

Contact Us

When is the best time to contact Member Services?
Our office is open Monday through Thursday from 8AM to 7PM CST, and Fridays from 8AM to 1PM CST. You can contact as customer care representative by calling 1-866-365-5829.